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Nonna's Stuffed Olives

Nonna's Stuffed Olives WARNING: This is NOT an easy recipe! In  fact, it takes a village. So gather a couple of your good foodie friends, a couple of bottles of good wine and get to work! 🍷🍷🍷 I guarantee the end result is close to orgasmic. 1. Ingredients for cooking the meat: Equal quantities of: -veal cubes -chicken breast -pork tenderloin -beef cubes Veggies, add as many as you think according to how much meat you have. They are needed to keep meat moist and juicy when you grind it all together: -carrots -onions (I also added a leek this time around because I had one) -celery -garlic -olive oil -wine - needed as liquid to stew the meat and add flavour… use white wine, probably at least a half bottle. (I used a whole bottle but had a huge pot!) -salt, pepper, cayenne - to your taste 2. Ingredients to add to ground meat once it has cooled: Eggs Breadcrumbs Parmiggiano Salt, pepper (if needed) Stuffed Olives 3. Jumbo Olives in a jar - buy as many as you p

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